Info Nordfjord

Explore glaciers and fjords
You will find us in the county of Gloppen, centrally situated in Nordfjord. By paying us a visit you will have the opportunity to discover a piece of Norway's finest unspoilt nature. Come, and you will have unique possibilities for catching trout or salmon in crystal clear mountain lakes or rivers. Experience, in a variety of ways, some of Norway's most beautiful and famous fjords, and take a guided trips on one of Norway's largest glaciers.

Nordfjord has a diverse wildlife, and if you are interested in hiking you will have great opportunities, with or without a guide, to have close encounters with many different animals. We can offer you a large variety of hiking trips, both marked and unmarked, ranging from easy 1 hours trips to more demanding hikes. All marked trails can be found in our hiking map.

Alternatively, you can explore the scenery on horseback.

The more experienced mountaineer will have a number of stunning peaks to challenge, and if you feel tempted to try white water rafting, a ride down one of our wild rivers will surely get your adrenaline running.

You will also have plenty of opportunities to experience traditional Norwegian culture in real and authentic settings.

You are most welcome to visit us and to experience our hospitality.