Fishing: June.1- Oct.1.
Partake in the traditional method at fishing. The first day you go out with Aud to put out nets.The next day we go out to get the fish. If we catch enough you can eat them for dinner!

Glacier walks and rafting:
 www.briksdalsbre.no   www.jolster-rafting.no 

Try to ride the Fjordhorse: www.fjordhestgarden.no 

Marked paths for hiking in amazing nature.
Routes for bicycle riding.

Central starting point for car trips to many of the well known tourist attractions:
Astruptunet in Jølster, the glacier museum in Fjærland, the Jostedals glacier nationalpark center,

Briksdals glacier, Geiranger fjord, Selje, Vestkapp etc. 

Local shopping, local design

www.skogstadsport.no    www.riccovero.no    www.moodsofnorway.com